Oregon Youth Rush 2019

June 2 - August 9

What is Youth Rush?

What is Youth Rush?

Youth Rush, also known as literature evangelism, magabooks, canvassing, or colporteuring, is putting a new face on one of our churches most long-standing ministries.

Now a youth-led, student oriented ministry, Youth Rush offers students the opportunity to actively share their faith while earning money for their education.

In this ten-week summer program students ages 16-25 work together, worship together, grow together, and have fun together. Highly-trained team leaders offer training and supervision. Students participate in all the aspects of the program, including music, food preparation, inventory, or other duties as needed.

Most importantly, participants are invigorated spiritually as they experience the joy of service, and the blessing that comes from literature evangelism.


Our Stories

Our Stories

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

Looking for extra money to pay for school? Youth Rush offers matching scholarships to many
Adventists schools!

The average student makes about $3,000 in summer earnings!

Andrews University 50% of $2600
Walla Walla University 50% of $2000
Union College 100% of $2000
Milo Adventist Academy 50% of $1,500
Livingston Adventist Academy 50% of $1,000
Portland Adventist Academy 25% of $1,500
Columbia Adventist Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Program?

Oregon Youth Rush is a ten-week commitment, beginning the first Sunday in June and
ending in mid-August.

How will I get paid?

Students will be paid once a month by check. These must be saved and shown to the
school in order to claim the scholarship.

Will we take time off?

Yes. There is a long weekend in the middle of the summer when students can go
home. There is also a retreat at the end of the summer where students relax, have fun and meet
with other students from all over the North Pacific Union.

What if my classes haven’t ended by the starting date?

Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. Make sure you specify this and
indicate the date your school ends on your application.

How much will I get paid?

Students get paid on a commission basis. The average student in the last few
summers has earned around $3,000.

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